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Honoring your Mother and Her Husband.


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Cheshvan 29, 5781
Hi, thank you for entertaining my question. In todays world many times there is a step parent involved. My question is if someone is not a biological parent are they entitled to the respect that a biological parent is entitled to from the Torah? Thank you for your response
ב"ה Shalom The obligation of respecting a step parent whether one's mother's husband, or one's father's wife is written in the Shulchan Aruch (יורה דעה רמ:כא ) . The obligation stands as long as the biological parent is alive. According to the Talmud (כתבות קג:א )and the Rambam (ממרים, פרק ו, הלכה טו) the obligation for a step parent stems from the Torah obligation of respecting one's biological parent. All the best
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