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Meaning of Gods Holy Name & what is the root?

Rabbi Ari ShvatTishrei 23, 5781
What does Gods Holy Name mean, and what is the root?
It's a long and complex answer. But just briefly, the Name of Y-H-V and H, is from the root: HVYH= existence, and includes that God always was (HYH), is (HVH) and will be (YHYH) forever. Also the Shadal, who was a linguist, points out that in most languages the term: "Yea" or "Yay" is a positive cry of happiness, while "Vei" (as in Oy Vei) is a negative cry of sadness. We recognize that all, both that which seems good as well as that which seems to us (at least meanwhile) as bad, it's all from the One and Only God, Who runs everything in the best way!
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