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Tisha beav, Perek Shira


Rabbi David Sperling

Av 8, 5780
BH I have been reciting Perek Shira every day for over 2 years, it came to my attention that I may not be allowed to do so on Tisha Beav. I would be very sad to break that daily commitment, can you please guide me?
Shalom, Thank you for your question. You are correct in noting that there is a problem with reciting Perek Shira on Tisha B’Av. This is because it is forbidden to learn Torah on that day, as Torah makes one joyful. Only certain parts of Torah learning, that focus on mourning, are allowed. There is some discussion as to whether one is allowed to recite their daily sections of learning (such as Chabad Chasidim who recite their Hitas (Chumash Tehillim and Tanya) every day. Or those who recite Chok LeYisrael). Some say that this is permitted after midday. Others forbid it, and hold that the learning should be made up for immediately after the fast. This second, more strict opinion, is the main stream view, that is held by most Rabbis. Based in this, Perek Shira, which is composed of verses from all over the Tanach, quotes from the Talmud and other places, would seem to be forbidden on Tisha B”Av. One would be able to “make-up” for not saying it on that day by reciting it during the night immediately after the fast. This is the ruling that is found in many (perhaps most) sources. (See Piskay Tshuvot, 554, 4). However, there are grounds to allow reciting it as a prayer (not as learning), in the afternoon, after midday. If you feel a great need to continue with your daily recitation, you may choose to rely on these opinions. Blessings.
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