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Rabbi Ari Shvat

Av 2, 5780
I want to convert. I’m biblically illiterate. What Jewish denomination is the most simple and straight forward ? I just want to focus on the Torah, not oral traditions. I just want to know God from the basics. (I’m politically and morally conservative, Female leadership does not offend me.)
If you're not interested in the oral traditions, that's fine for Noachides or gentiles, but you cannot convert to be Jewish. Similarly, Judaism stresses Torah study and not just basics, which is especially important for converts and those who didn't grow up as religious Jews and accordingly, have a lot to learn. It's also extremely difficult to be Jewish with thousands of details of laws and commandments. These are all common reasons why the vast majority of those who do express interest in converting, end up simply expressing their spirituality and knowledge of God and Bible as Noachides, which you can accept officially (see the different sites).
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