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Proving the Godliness of the Torah


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Tammuz 28, 5780
Hello, Does the 620 letters in the Ten Commandments corresponding to the 613 scriptural and 7 rabbinic commandments prove the divinity of the Torah? Otherwise how would the people writing Exodus know how many commandments there would be in the future? Thanks a lot
The Godliness of the Torah is seen in many ways, most importantly, through its eternal and universal content of goodness and morality, which were thousands of years "before her time", bringing primitive man the 2 greatest and most lasting gifts: monotheism and morality. Some add that Godliness is seen in the Torah, through the kabbalistic or hidden numerical meanings or messages, which could not be coincidental, and much of which could not have been known to man at the time of the giving of the Torah, 3300 years ago (e.g. that all fish that have scales also have fins, way before Australia and scuba-diving were discovered). Nevertheless, all agree that these are more external rather than essential, and not the main, but a secondary, point. In addition, the main point is unanimous, as opposed to the secondary point, which some cynics could claim to be coincidental. BTW, some explain that the 7 refer to the 7 Noachide commandments.
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