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non-kosher compost

Rabbi David SperlingTammuz 11, 5780
Shalom, I bought some compost for gardening, which is basically soil, but it says the soil components in making the soil, has shrimp in it as one of the ingredients when they made the soil. It is in a sealed bag. Is this compost/soil is OK to add to the soil in which I grow vegetables for food since part of what the soil was made of is not Kosher ( shrimp), or would that make the food not kosher?
Shalom, Thank you for your question – it certainly is an interesting one. Yes, you may add the bag to the compost. The non-kosher ingredient will not cause the food that grows in to become not kosher. This is because, firstly, the non-kosher ingredient will have rotted to the extent that it is not considered as “food” any more. Secondly, the food that grows in the compost soil does not draw out any taste from the soil. Blessings
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