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Blessing on the Torah after shacharit


Rabbi David Sperling

Tammuz 2, 5780
Hi again, Thank you so much for your answer! And encouragement!!! I really appreciate it!!! Thank you!!! What if I one wakes up after the last Zman for saying shacharit, can we still say the blessing on the Torah in the shacharit prayer later in the day? Is there a part of this section that we omit at that time since it’s no longer the actual time to say shacharit? Thank you again so much!!!!!!!
Shalom, Thank you for writing to us again. It is a pleasure to be of help. Even a person who wakes up late still recites the blessings over Torah study. In fact there are many parts of the morning service that if one did not get to say them in the morning (for whatever reason), they are recited later in the day. These include the blessings over Torah study, and all the “morning blessings”. All the parts of the morning service printed in the Siddur, including washing one’s hands, the blessings after the bathroom, the long list of blessings (“... who gives wisdom to the rooster...” etc). I hope this is of help to you. Blessings.
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