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Pleasurable household besamim


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Sivan 5, 5780
Dear Rabbi, Thank you so much for your answer. So how does one act in the situation when cleaning ones home and belongings? For example all of the cleaning products I intend to use for cleaning my floors, windows, counters, and my clothes, are all made from natural materials and the scent from pure natural essential oils. These companies make it so that you enjoy the fragrant aroma in your home when using these cleaning brushes products, and it is really enjoyable. When I do laundry or cleaning the entire room really smells. But this product was used for a practical cleaning opposed to an intentional smelling one. But once used, you really can’t ignore the smell, and it really is beautiful. If we enjoy the smell that is in the air from the cleaning, and it is coming only from natural sources, do we make a bracha? Is it equivalent to walking through a garden for work? Thank you so much,
ב"ה Shalom Basically what I've answered the previous time covers what you are asking here as well. You have to see how the guidelines set down by the Chazon Ish and the other materials you have read apply to this case. But I do want to emphasize again what I also said the last time, that if the aroma coming from these oils are synthetically produced there are some Rabbis who say that a Bracha should not be recited on them. Some of these fragrances are produced by the intervention of chemicals which can change the original scent of the raw material which may have been foul or the originals materials from which the fragrance was derived have been filtered or removed and again these things do not warrant a Bracha. (See Piskei Teshuvot 216:8). We have to be cautious of making a needless Bracha which means saying Hashem's name in vain. So therefore, I repeat What I have written, that in order to avoid making a Bracha which is in question, Rav Kaganoff suggested to recite a Bracha on something which surely requires a Borei Minei Besamim and have the chemically made fragrance in mind. All the best and Chag same'ach
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