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ShlomTsion HaMalka and her husband(s)

Rabbi Ari ShvatSivan 4, 5780
thank you so much. have a good week and more good deeds. Question from Pirkei Avot. How can it be that ShlomTsion, a righteous woman, was the wife Alexander Yanai? Has she married twice? Judaism requires a lot of family laws etc, so how did it become that she married Aristabul and Alexander Yanai? how did it work and what is the hidden reason?
It's not clear from Jewish sources whether it was the same woman with a similar name who was married to both. If it was, some suggest that she didn't have children with Aristobulus, so was obligated to be wedded to his brother, Alexander Yanai, according to the laws of yibum. On the other hand, he was the kohen gadol, and accordingly prohibited from yibum of a widow, and Shlomtzion was very righteous. In short, we don't know...
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