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Hello, I Baruch Hashem am expecting my first child! With Pesach coming I am worried I will need to stop taking my prenatal supplements (calcium-Mag and multi) as they are not kosher for Pesach and I have not found an alternative. May I continue to take them? Please note that I have had one miscarriage in the past and it has been a really nesayon to get pregnant for us. Please kindly advise as soon as possible. Thank you! Aliza
Shalom U'verachah, In most cases not taking this supplement for a week will have no adverse affect on the pregnancy. There are also vitamins that are Kosher for Pesach. If there is a medical condition that requires taking this medication then you should consult a Rav who may permit it to be taken if this is the case. I hope that you will feel well. Kol Tuv
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