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Lecha Dodi on Friday night

Rabbi Yoel LiebermanSivan 1, 5780
Dear Rabbi I was wondering if you could briefly explain the different customs of saying Lecha Dodi. I have noticed some shuls have the minhag where congregation and chazan say together while others have the chazan say loudly and then the tzibur say it quietly.
ב"ה Shalom I have not found much in written literature of any particular way of saying "Lecha Dodi" other than it should be said with great joy. Although, there are discussions whether it should be said standing for all of "Lecha Dodi" or just for Boi Beshalom or even for Yamin Usmol. However, in all the siddurim I have checked it does appear as individual stanzas and the chorus of Lecha Dodi, which does suggest that at one point, perhaps it was said that way. However, it most places the entire Lecha Dodi is sung together though I have seen in Shuls following Chassidic customs that indeed the chazan says it loudly and then the tzibur say it quietly, most likely following the instructions of their Rebbe in their particular community. All the best
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