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Rabbi Yoel LiebermanNisan 13, 5780
we see many times used wrd Levonu or Livan . can you explain what are the hidden meanings of this word/ am sorry am reading in Russian weekly Parsha sometimes translations can be different . thank you
ב"ה Shalom Going from Russian to English and back to the original Hebrew, I hope I found the word you're looking for. In Vayikra 2:1 , we have "Levona" which is a herb called "frankincense", used with the Korban Mincha.= Meal offering. In Vayikra 13: 4 we have "Levana" which is the Hebrew feminine form of the word "white" and refers to a white spot on the skin as one of the potential forms of leprosy. All the best Have a happy, kosher and HEALTHY Pessach.

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