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Chur versus Pinchas


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Adar 14, 5780
Dear Rabbi, Why do we find that Pinchos stood up for Hashem’s honor and received 10 miracles and was kept safe. Whereas when Chur son of Miriam was killed by the Egel Hazohov when he tried to stand up for Hashem?
ב"ה Shalom To fully cover this issue, there are other questions to ask. For example: Why is this act of sacrifice by Chur not mentioned in the Torah, but only in the Midrash. This is not the only act of heroism of figures from the Tanach, whose actions were not mentioned in the Tanach but only in the midrash. It can possibly be, that the Torah did not see the act of Chur as great as the act of Pinchas, especially according to views of those who downplay the severity of the sin of the Egel. (see Even Ezra Shemot 32:1 and Kuzari) Nonetheless, in the case of Chur , his action did not go unrewarded. It says in the Midrash (שמות רבה (וילנא) פרשת ויקהל פרשה מח), that since Chur sacrificed his life, his offspring will receive fame. As an example the name of this claim, Betzalel who is the grandson of Chur is mentioned , who received great acclaim in the Torah. All the best and Happy Purim
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