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Zimun and Women

Rabbi Yoel LiebermanAdar 21, 5772
I remember learning that women have to do a zimun if three women eat a meal together. What is the halacha if there are three or more women and less than three men who ate a meal together? Thank you for your response.
The Shulchan Aruch (199:7) says that women are not required to do zimun, but if they do so it is a mitzvah. The Mishna Brura (199: 12) says that men cannot join women or vice versa in order to make up the three required for zimun. On the other hand, once three men are present and do zimun, the women are required to answer. Shulchan Aruch (199:7). The Mishna Brura (199: 17) explains that although the Shulchan Aruch said before that men and women cannot join to make up the three, in this case since the requirement for zimun exists because of the three men, women are required to join.
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