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Butter added in Fleishig fiberglass/porcelain/ ceramic dish


Rabbi David Sperling

Kislev 29, 5780
We have a big deep serving dish that we usually use for chicken but sometimes other meat, either way, it is fleishig. By accident, it was being used to make a dairy dish- it was lined with cold/ room temperature butter. Nothing was hot or cooked in it yet. One of says it has to be thrown out as it can’t be kashered, is this correct? Is there any way to kasher it?
Shalom, Thank you for your question. If I have understood the situation correctly, you have a cold meat dish that had butter spread on it. Both the butter and the dish remained cool – that is they were not heated up at all. If this is the situation then the dish should be cleaned well (not in hot water, but in cold water) and then it may be used again for meat. The reason for this is that as long as there was no heat involved, the butter does not get absorbed into the dish, and so it just needs to be cleaned off – as opposed to when heat is used, then the milk taste gets absorbed into the dish, and it needs a koshering process (that depends on many factors). Blessings.
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