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Neck shaving

Rabbi David SperlingKislev 29, 5780
Is it permissible to shave the neck with an electric razor?
Shalom, Thank you for your question. As you saw in our previous answer when addressing the prohibition of shaving -“the prohibition includes the area of the throat until the Adam’s-apple. It is permitted to shave the back of one’s neck (at the back of the sideburns, from behind the top of the ears) with a razor (Shulchan Aruch and Rema Yoreh Deah 181).” So, if you are asking about the front of the neck, there is an issue of shaving there. However, many rabbis allow the use of an electric razor (for shaving the whole beard as well). There is some debate about using an electric razor in general, with different Rabbis allowing or forbidding them depending on how and how closely they shave. One who wants to shave their beard, as well as the neck area, with an electric shaver certainly has Rabbinic opinions on which they can rely. (see this article from Zomet - ) Blessings
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