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I feel BAD

Rabbi Jonathan Blass17 Adar II 5763
I used to give advice to people on a teenage messageboard untill I was thrown off because I was to old.. Now everytime I look at those messageboards I realise there is nothing I can do to help the people with the problems and I feel empty inside and like there is no point to my life On shabbat when I dont have everyday distractions I feel twice as bad even though I should be feeling happy - why is this on what is supposed to be a happy day I feel more depresed about things than ever? God is supposed to help those who help themselves - how can I help myself in situations like this when the problems are my emotions?
Since you are alive- obviously G-d believes that there is a purpose to your life. So do you- the fact that you are looking for activity that can help others demonstrates that you have vitality and can contribute. Speak without delay to a professional who specializes in age-associated problems. If you know a local rabbi whom you trust, speak to him as well. Please act quickly- there is no reason for you to resign yourself to being depressed for even one day, shabbat or weekday.
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