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Zimun Alone II

I posted a question and got an answer that is troubling me. The question was about Benching Mezuman at a wedding prior to Sheva Brachot. Your answer was that it is permissible. What do you do with the Igrot Moshe that answers differently? Rav Moshe ZT"L says that it is best to (1) stay or (2) Bench alone with the Kavannah that you will do so when washing or (3) Bench Mezumin and say the Asher Barah Brachah?
Please do not be troubled. The answer you received was based on the opinion of the Tzitz Eliezer and the Shevet Halevi and corresponds to the edxisting custom in Israel where frequently most of the guests do not -and often can not- remain until the end of the Seudah (if you are interested in a survey of the various halachic opinions see "Nisuim K'Hilchatan" ch.14, 46). It is certainly best for those arranging the wedding to organize the scheduling so that the majority of the guests can remain.
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