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mixed gym


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Shevat 19, 5772
Is there a heter that would permit a man going to a mixed gym?I live in Los Angeles and i know of rabbis and even there wifes that go...
For sake of clarification, as a general rule it should be said that a heter is issued only in a specific situation where mitigating circumstances apply. What may be permitted for one person, does not necessarily apply to another and may be totally forbidden. For the issue at hand you must consider what applies to you according to Halacha and what is best for maintaining the holiness of your neshama. A gym is a place for exercising but also for body development. Therefore there are many stumbling blocks going to such a place which is mixed. The lack of modest dress which I assume is prevalent there forces us to seek other "kosher" exercise options. Where I exercise there are only separate swimming hours for men and women but no separate gym hours, therefore I refrain from using the gym and exercise by swimming. As far as your questions to the Rabbis of Los Angeles, I cannot speak for them so you must ask them yourself what considerations were made. "Kedoshim tihiyu ki kadosh Ani"
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