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Is Ketubah invalid ?


Rabbi David Sperling

Cheshvan 9, 5780
I am divorced but I always felt that my marriage didn't need a Gett to begin with. I recently saw that if the Hebrew name used on Ketubah isn't a name that was known or used ever by the person getting married, the Ketubah is invalid. Does that mean the marriage is therefore invalid? Also, if the Chatan signing it didn't intend to keep it and did it as part of the "circus" as he would call it, does that invalidate the Ketubah as well?
Shalom, Thank you for your question. Without knowing all the details of your marriage, it is very hard to tell you whether you need a Jewish Gett to be considered divorced according to Jewish law. However, I can tell you that having a problematic ketubah is certainly not enough to nullify a marriage – and in nearly every case where there was a religious marriage ceremony, even if the ketubah had some technical problems, there would still be need for a Gett. I can only urge you (and I do so with a real sense of urgency and importance) to contact an Orthodox Rabbi in person and go through with them your marriage and divorce situation to see if you will need a religious Gett. If you do need one (and there is every likelihood that this will be the case) then they will be able to arrange it. In most cases the process of receiving a Gett is not a difficult one, and the Rabbi will be able to direct you to an appropriate Jewish court to make sure that you are fully religiously divorced before entering into any new relationships. Blessings.
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