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Living in Israel


Rabbi Jonathan Blass

9 Adar II 5763
I have a friend who wants to make Aliyah and has always wanted to do so. However, the field which he wishes to pursue as a career is very limited in Israel as compared to the US. I am not sure whether to tell him to follow his dreams and stay here in the US or to drop everything and move to Israel. What is the Halacha on this?
Living in Israel is a Mitzva equal in importance to the entire Torah. Your friend should make Aliyah. However long he has dreamed of his chosen career, the dreams of the Jewish People for the Land of Israel have been inspiring Jews for even longer. Part of being a Jew is knowing how and what to dream. To help ensure the chances of his success he should consult the Shaliach Aliyah in his area and professionals already working in his chosen field here in Israel . The Tehilla (an organization that assists religious Aliyah) website is I found this on their webste: "If you have a question, would like some guidance or just want to know a little more about the job market in Israel contact our online career specialist [email protected]". B'hatzlacha! May your friend's deepest and most Jewish dreams come true.
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