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Grinding on Yom Tov

Rabbi David SperlingTishrei 24, 5780
Are you allowed to use a manual blender to grind garlic on Yom Tov? What about a manual meat grinder?
Shalom, Thank you for your question. One may crush and grind garlic on Yom Tov, as freshly ground garlic is better than garlic ground before the festival, however one needs to employ a slight change in the way of using the garlic press - for example to crush the garlic onto a paper napkin and only afterwards put it in the salad etc. This only refers to using a household grinder – the use of commercial mincers of the type used to large quantities is forbidden. As to grinding meat, it would be best if done before the festival, as it does not lose it taste if ground one day early. If one did not do so, one may put the them through a manual household mincer or grinder, as long a slight variation (as above). (Source – Shmirat Shabat KeHilchatah, chapter 7) Blessings.
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