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Follow up from Dvar Charif

A few days ago a relative gave my parents a salad that had been prepared with a meaty knife including red onions. My parents used two parve spoons to serve it a day later. Should the parve knives be Kashered? As we are Sephardim arent the laws of Dvar Charif more lenient for Sephardim? I even heard from someone that according to Sephardim only real horseradish that are used on Pesach is Dvar Charif as well as chilta.
ב"ה Shalom Moadim leSimcha As far as the salad is concerned, since a meaty knife was used to cut the onion, the onion is subsequently meaty and it follows that so is the salad. However, since the salad is cold, and the serving spoons do not cut the vegetables, the serving spoons remain parev.
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