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Kosher Dish in Non-Kosher Dishwasher


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Cheshvan 12, 5772
My wife and I bring our own pots and pans to our family’s home in order to cook. We noticed that one of our ceramic pots had been run in the non-kosher dishwasher. What is the halacha here for using our pot? Is it still kosher? Can we wait 24 hours and use it? What should we do?
Assuming that the dishwasher was not used within 24 hours prior to placing your pot in the dishwasher, and assuming that dishwasher soap was used, these are factors which give the water an unfavorable taste so the "treif" elements do not affect your pot. So though to begin with, it is not permissible to place the kosher dish in the non- kosher dishwasher, after the fact your pot is kosher. יו"ד צה וש"ך וט"ז שם) שו"ע)
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