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One oven--baking meat, milk, pareve

Rabbi Eli ClarkKislev 14, 5772
I use my oven for pareve most of the time. When I do need to bake meat, I have always "kashered" the oven on its highest heat before baking pareve in it again. From your answer to the previous question re:"pareve pans" it seems that this is not necessary. It would seem that if I bake meat and then want to bake pareve challot, I don’t even have to wait 24 hours between the baking for the challot to be considered pareve (if the oven is clean of drippings and the pan is pareve). So, is it unnecessary to wait 24 hours between meat (or milk) baking and pareve baking as well as "kasher" the oven on the highest temperature between the two bakings? Thank you.
Dear Chana: There is no requirement to "kasher" an oven on its highest temperature between using it for meat (or milk) and pareve. Whether you need to wait 24 hours depends on two conditions -- if the oven is clean of drippings and if the meat (or milk) was baked covered. If the two conditions are satisfied, you do not need to wait 24 hours.
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