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Placing & Storing a Siddur and other holy Jewish books


Rabbi Ari Shvat

How to put the book like Siddur correctly on the table? Can we sleep in the same room where Siddur? Is this Halacha breach if somebody puts a Siddur from end cover on the table. Is there a halacha rule about the position of books? And how to take them? Which what hand
There's no problem placing a siddur or any holy book "right-side up" on the table (just not upside-down), and please remember to close it when you finish using it, for leaving it open isn't respectful. From your use of the plural "we", I understand that you're married, and a married couple is not allowed to have intimate relations in a room where there's a holy book, unless it has 2 coverings or is behind a 80 cm. tall partition or door. Books should be placed respectfully on the shelf, or if in a pile, it should be orderly and not haphazard. Also, one shouldn't sit on a bench where there's a holy book, yet there are those who allow it if the book is standing, not lying down. Regular printed holy books can be taken with either hand.
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