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opinions of non-Jews


Rabbi David Sperling

Sivan 16, 5779
Is it important for Hashem what non-jews thinks about the Jews? I mean these opinions and ideas etc
Shalom, Thank you for your question. Judaism is quite unique in it's belief that while there is a special connection between G-d and the Jewish people, there is also a universal purpose to creation that encompasses all mankind. In fact, the one of the main reasons the Jewish people have been given the Torah is in order to help all humanity recognize G-d and come to benefit from His goodness. With this being so, it is very important indeed how the rest of mankind views the Jewish people. It is through the relationship and influence of Israel in the world that humanity receives it's blessings. If the world views the Jewish people as a guiding light to holiness – then all is good. But when mankind distances itself from the Jewish people, then we are unable to bring the G-dly and the Holy to the nations. On a practical level each and every Jew is obligated to act in ways that bring honor to G-d, and to make sure that they do not bring about a desecration of His name in the world. As a nation we also must strive to make sure that the ideas of Torah are expressed through us, and be a example to all the world. This is perhaps one of the most important tasks of the Jewish people – to bring G-d into the world by showing the nations how a people can live according to G-d's wishes, and see His holiness expressed through us. Blessings.
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