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Monuments & Statues for Jews


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Sivan 14, 5779
What is the point of view of Judaism regarding monuments and statues erected to commemorate soldiers, poets, etc.? Toda, Yasher Koach!
It's very commendable to glorify the great actions of heroes such as scholars, soldiers, poets, dedicated statesmen, etc. as an educational tool or reinforcement for the next generation and for society in general, yet Jews usually do this through books or plaques, and not statues, for it doesn't matter how they physically looked. Nevertheless, only realistic looking full statues aren't allowed, but almost always they're missing some part of the body, and aren't so exact, as to be problematic. Similarly, stuffed animals, dolls and toys which are not full-featured detailed replicas of people or animals are not idolatry and are allowed, unless they’re made for religious purposes.
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