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Importance and essence of Perush


Rabbi David Sperling

Sivan 11, 5779
Shalom HaRav, If Torah is explained or taught through Mishnayot or Talmud or educated by Midrashim or for Midrash for Halacha , why do we need interpretations? Like Rashi has this opinion and this is Rambam opinion? Just trying to understand the imporatnce or essence of Perush and interpretation of our rabbis from period of perushim until now . Thank you Rav.
Shalom, Thank you for your question – it is a very important one that touches on the very essence of what Torah is. As opposed to all other wisdoms (which certainly have there importance, but are intrinsically different to Torah), Torah has a unique quality. All other wisdom is a revelation or description of an existing reality. So, science, for example, reveals and explains the world. This is very important, and without it one would be at a loss to be able to both understand and also move ahead in this world. Only through science can we grasp how to heal the sick, or design a new light switch. Torah though is not like this. It is not a manual of description for how the world works (although it might also do that). Rather the Torah is a “living” expression of Hashem's will. It has a reality unto itself – something that science does not have. Science explains the world. Torah on the other hand moves the world. Because of this, something very special happens when we learn Torah. We create a spiritual channel for a connection to the very will of Hashem to move into us and into the world. The words of Torah we bring into the world allow a G-dly light to penetrate existence. For this reason, Hashem did not give us a “closed book” of laws. He could well have handed us a Torah with every last detail explained in it. Rather, he gave us a Torah that we can learn and expand upon, allowing us to do the greatest act in creation – that of connecting ourselves to Hashem's will. For this reason, there is no end to the commentaries that will be written on the Torah and Law. For Hashem's will is unending, and our connection to it grows with each new word of Torah. So, in short, to answer your question – the act of Torah learning is to connect to the limitless will of Hashem, through a limitless Torah that each one of us brings their unique soul into. May you be blessed to grow in Torah learning, and bring much light into the world. Blessings.
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