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Ice cream maker - kashrut


Rabbi David Sperling

Tishrei 26, 5772
Dear Rabbi, I have an ice cream maker which churns the ice cream which you then pour into a container and freeze. The paddles/blades of the churner are plastic, whilst the bowl in which the paddles churn the ice cream is freezing cold. The mixture, when poured in to the bowl is always luke-warm or cold. Never Yad Soledet Bo. Question is: Can I make parev ice cream in it to eat for desert after a meaty meal if I have previously used it for making milky ice cream? Please give reasons. Thanks!
Shalom, Absolutely !! Firstly, it is unlikely that your ice cream machine is even really milky. Milk taste is absorbed into vessels via heat, which does not exist here. Secondly, even if it was really milky, the milk taste can only come out of the vessel (the ice cream machine) via heat, which does not exist in the pareve ice cream. Thirdly, pareve food made in a milk vessel (which, as I said, you don't even have here) is allowed to be eaten after meat. There are more reasons - but these will suffice. This is not a matter of argument in halacha, and all opinions hold that if the ice cream machine was clean, and only used less than yad soledet bo - then the pareve ice cream made in it may be served at a meat meal. May it all be sweet, D. Sperling
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