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Halacha for first year mourning for a parent


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Tishrei 9, 5772
Dear Rabbi Thank you for continuing to answer my shailas Always Iwant to do the right thing and to honor my father I am an avela and in the first year of mourning for my father I am avoiding social situations which are forbidden I don’t know if it is permissable to go to a shiur at shul or someone’s house Also food may be served before or after ther shiur What should I do? Thank you for your kindness and help to me a Kesiva v chatima tova
Learning torah is definitely a good thing to be done in memory of your father. The shiur is not considered a simcha and therefore you may participate. Having some food for refreshments is also not considered a friendly get together so it is permissible. Gmar Chatima and besorot tovot
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