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Is it too late to apologize

Rabbi David SperlingNisan 15, 5779
I find myself struggling day by day with both guilt and very hurtful emotions, my mother passed 5 years ago and so many lessons or advice she tried to give me I turned a nose too, today I want those lessons or advice, Is it too late to tell her I'm so sorry Mom? WILL SHE HEAR IT?
Shalom, Thank you for your question. The very best form of repentance, that heals the pains of the soul, and also makes emends in the spiritual worlds, including those of souls in the world to come, is to return to the correct path. Without a doubt, by accepting the good teachings of your late mother, one will bring comfort and light – both to yourself and to your late mother. More than this – our Rabbis teach us that when one returns to the correct path, this repentance heals the whole world. A soul after leaving this world enters an existence different from this one. In a purely spiritual state the soul is not limited to the physical “hearing” - and certainly recognizes the repentance of the children returning to the teachings of the parents. This is not only “heard” but has the positive effect of raising the dead soul to higher and higher levels in the world to come. Your words to your mother will not only be heard, but when accompanied by the good deeds of your mother's lessons, will help heal the world. May you find comfort in the lessons of your mother – and bring comfort to the her soul. Blessings.
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