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For health reasons I am unable to fast and will have to drink in shiurim on yom kippur.Can you please give me guidelines.Do I say a bracha once or each time I drink? Can I drink in shul or is it better to doven at home? If I doven at home, what parts of the dovening am I not allowed to say? Can you also give me guidelines for eating in shiurim. Thank you
Shalom, If you have been given a ruling from a Rabbi to drink on Yom Kippur in measures ("shiurim"), that is a cheek's full of liquid (that is half a mouthful of liquid - for most normal sized people about 40ml) every 9 minutes (and in times of greater need even at lesser intervals), then the following applies:- 1. You say a pre-blessing before the first drinking, but no after blessing (an after blessing is only required if a reviit (86ml) is drunk at one time). If there is a break between one drinking and the next - such as going outside the building, or having a sleep - you need a new first blessing. If there is no break, except for waiting between drinks (the 9 minutes,or more, mentioned above) no new blessing is needed. 2. You may drink in shule if you make it known that you have a halachic ruling to drink, or if it is obvious to everyone that you are required to do so. May I suggest drinking discreetly (in a side room, or the back of the shule) so as not to disturb or distract others. 3. If going to shule will cause you to have to drink more, because of the effort to walk there etc, then one must stay at home. 4. A person praying at home may say all the parts of the service that do not require a minyan. For example you may not say Barachu, Kaddish, Kedusha and the repetition of the Amidah, or the blessings of the Torah reading and Haftorah. May you be blessed with good health and be inscribed for a year of blessings together with all of Am Yisrael - D. Sperling.
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