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Lashon Hara in something that is already online


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Adar II 27, 5779
If you read something negative about a Jewish person online are you allowed to tell this over to somebody and there is no תועלת? (could be it's permitted because the whole world sees it anyway)
ב"ה Shalom, The Chafetz Chaim speaks about this at length in his sefer on Loshon Klal 2, and says that Loshon Hara which is already totally publicized is allowed only when it is said in a manner of "Akrai", meaning in a passing manner which came up by the way of something else but not the mere purpose and spreading the story further. Many quote the Rambam in Perush to the Mishna at the end of Eduyot (8:7) who points out how careful the Tanaim of the mishna were to stay away from Loshon Hara even in a case when all was publicly known. All the Best May you have a happy and kosher Pesach
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