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Putting limits on Spharadim in Ashkenazi Yeshivot

Rabbi Jonathan Blass9 Adar II 5763
I have a Spharadi friend who has 3 of his sons in a local Ashkenazi Yeshiva. The Yeshiva refuses to accept his fourth son in the Yeshiva. I heard from a few people, including my own Rav, that they want to limit the amount of Spharadim in the school which has risen to over 30% of the student body. The Yeshiva claims they are under no obligation to accept all siblings from the same family. I can perhaps understand if they don’t want to accept a new Spharadi family, but it seems to me to be unjustified to split up this man’s family, when he already has other sons in the Yeshiva. What does the halacha say in such a case? Can the Yeshiva discriminate? (The man claims there is no quality Spharadi alternative Yeshiva)
Any discrimination between Ashkenazim and Spharadim or any quota system is a violation of the commandment to "love your neighbor as yourself". Moreover it is a Chilul Hashem. What is an Ashkenazi Yeshiva? There should be different styles of "Torah" Yeshivot- with different emphases: hesder Yeshivot, Yeshivot that emphasize study in depth, others that emphasize fluency in many sources, there is even a Yeshiva for students who wish to develop their musical talent. Perhaps the rumours you have heard are unfounded.
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