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looking good for your husband & taking care of yourself


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Adar I 21, 5779
Why does it stress so much in the Torah for a woman to look beautiful for her husband and to make sure she takes care of herself?
The Living Torah is our Manufacturer's guidelines for living. The Torah goes out of her way to stress that just about all of the heroines of the Tanach were extremely beautiful, to teach us that a complete person is “a healthy body in a healthy soul”. Hashem created us with a very special attraction between men and women, and any married person will attest to the importance of this physical attraction, not only as an expression and manifestation of the spiritual attraction, and not only to build the next generation, but also as very effective to help iron out problems or disagreements, by “kissing and making up”, and helping us remember that “we need each-other”. Taking care of yourself is also a good way to make sure your husband stays loyal and doesn't start looking at other women.
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