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The Names of G-d Spelled Out in English


Rabbi Jonathan Blass

17 Adar II 5763
My question arose when I found a pile of papers from a friend that was marked to be recycled and most of these papers contained the Name of G-d spelled out. My friend does dash the (o) in the Name of G-d but does not have a problem with throwing away the name if it is spelled out in its completed form as long as it is in English. He says that it is only sacred if it is written in Hebrew. My question is why dash the (o) at all if it is not sacred in English? I understand that some may not consider the Name sacred if in any other language other than Hebrew, but do these people dash the (o) out at all? My belief is that the Name of G-d is sacred in any language and should be treated with respect. Am I wrong?
One can rely on the Poskim who permit erasing the word 'G-d' fully spelled (Shach Yoreh Deah 179,11; Mishna Berura 85,10) not to have to check all your mail and newspapers before discarding them. If, however, you see G-d's name in English written in a Jewish context, you should wrap the paper separately in a plastic bag before disposing of the paper so as not to denigrate G-d's name. It's reasonable to write G-d name with a dash so as to avoid the problem whenever possible.
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