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Temple Mount- Uprooting arab trees


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Tishrei 28, 5772
Recently I read that the Palestinians in their bid for UN recognition are travelling the world, with a special chair which was made from wood from an olive tree grown near the El Aqsa Mosque. I remembered that it is written in the Torah in Devarim, that trees are forbidden to be grown in the area of the Temple. I also am aware that it is forbidden to uproot trees either, so therefore, when the Temple will be rebuilt, what will happen to these trees?
Shalom Meir, The Rambam (hil. Bet HaBchira 7, 14) cites (from Baba Kamma 82b) that out of respect to the Temple one isn’t allowed to plant gardens, trees or any kind of seeds there. Even if someone else planted them on the Temple Mount they must be uprooted, except for the Vradim (Rose) garden, which was there from the time of the early prophets. Rashi explains it was kept there because it was used in making the ktoret (incense offering). Without a doubt, the Arabs who not only desecrate Har HaBayit through the trees they plant there, or the football/soccer which they play there (proving to all that they don't really respect the holiness there and just want political claim!), but through their impure presence there, will be held accountable for their disrespect by future self-respecting Jewish governments, and surely by G-d. Looking forward to the day when we will observe these and all of the mitzvoth of the Bet Hamikdash, Rabbi Ari Shvat
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