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קטגוריה משנית
Shalom Rav, sometimes in my learning when I go through commentaries I keep on thinking or I come back to the same question that why don’t we have a single work or literature which can convey us what exactly happened then ?(for eg: is Rivkah Imeinu age 3 years or 13 years when Eliezer went to find a shidduch for Issac Avinu) I came across the teaching that the Torah is not a historical book that tells us what exactly happened but it means teachings.! but still some help to pass this phase will be appreciated . Thank you, Rav, and the Beit El Yeshiva for your valuable and precious time for people like us.
The main point is, in fact, that the Torah isn’t a history book, and accordingly, the exact historical age of Rivka apparently isn’t that important. On the other hand, as the Word of God, we would love to know as much as we can! The multi-faceted style of the Torah, which obviously and consciously lends itself to various different commentaries (as found on every page of the Mikra’ot Gedolot), always left room for lively debate, questions, and answers in the study hall and family Shabbat table discussions, and is one of the ingenious aspects which has kept Torah study alive and thriving for generations. The Jewish people are an active participant and “partner” with God in Torah study!
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