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Should I continue until I see the salvation?


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Kislev 9, 5779
Rebbetzin Kanivesky really believed in the power of Challos mitzvahs, Shabbat candles, etc. and I do too Mamash very very as I love making challah and davening and giving Tzedakah before saying the blessing, if we don't see salvation right away should I continue and continue doing Mitzvoth and making challah and davening until I see the salvation I would like? She says the greatest place to donate Tzedakah is a Kollel Bezechut to meet an honorable shidduch because there is no greater merit than studying Torah. I guess I have 2 questions on the same thread.
As I wrote before- the more mitzvot you do, especially those which you really "connect" with, the better! We never know how long it will take before our wishes are answered, but keep it up, for Hashem's deliverance can come quickly "like a twinkle of the eye"!
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