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Is it still kosher

Rabbi Yoel LiebermanCheshvan 6, 5779
Dear Rabbi, accidentally I took my dairy (stainless) fork and mixed pressed garlic with avocado in my parve ceramic bowl. Everything was cold. Is my bowl still parve (because of garlic), if not, can I fix it? Thank you very much.
ב"ה Shalom There are a few reasons to be lenient and not to consider your avocado dish dairy. Most poskim apply the law of "davar Charif" of a sharp vegetable when the cutting is done particularly by a knife and do not apply the same to a fork. Though some apply the law of davar Charif" even to a cutting board, Rav Elyashiv zt"l permitted the sharp food on a meaty cutting board after the fact not to be meaty. Furthermore, if you pressed the garlic together with avocado and the avocado was the majority of the food, the fact that garlic is sharp may not concern us, since the fork came in contact mainly with the avocado. In addition, although you call your fork a dairy fork, it may never have been used in a pot actually cooking a dairy product. to make fully dairy. So, when we consider all this, the bowl is still parve and the avocado salad itself is too. Nonetheless, in the future a dairy or meat knife or fork should not be used with a sharp vegetable when you want your dish to parve. All the best May we all be well in a winter blessed with rain.
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