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thanks and more on Noachides and good Bible translations


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Tishrei 11, 5779
Hi Rabbi Ari Shvat, Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it. Could you tell me what the 7 Noachide mitzvot are? I can of course Google it but I would like to know from an actual Rabbi. Is this in the Torah? Does Moses or Abraham say that this is what us gentiles should do? And is idealism a bad or good thing or more of a naive thing? I couldn’t detect whether you were being genuine or sarcastic or not - forgive me for being paranoid! Also, you know where it says in Genesis, "The treee of the knowledge of good and evil?" Well, I read somewhere a literal Hebrew translation and it translated "good and evil" as "functional and disfunctional" which I actually find more helpful. What do you think? Could you tell me if our "Christian" translations of your Torah are actually accurate or have I been reading inaccuracies all my life which just lead to confusion? I know a bit about language myself having read French and German at university and I know how much one word can change the whole meaning of an idea. Are there any translations of the orignal Hebrew which you feel are more accurate to the originals than others and if so, could you direct me to them so that I can finally read some truth for a change and not a bunch of vague lies?
I wasn’t at all sarcastic- idealism is what life is about! When gentiles fulfill the seven Noachide commandments (adultery, idolatry, murder, not eating flesh taken from a live animal, not cursing God, stealing, and making sure there is a justice system in your locale), in all of their details, and supporting the Chosen People of Israel (for example, against their enemies like Iran), one fulfills that which God wants of them, and has a share in the world to come. These are alluded to in the Torah of Moses, and detailed in the Talmud. If you’d like, you can become an official authorized Noachide by declaring your acceptance of the above before a certified rabbinical religious court (usually done in Israel). All translations of the Bible are inevitably problematic, for they “lock” you into one possible commentary without the multi-faceted meanings, and if it’s a non-Jewish translation, it’s missing the Oral Tradition. Nevertheless, the best translation is found at: For guidance, you might want to see an interesting website which may help you and provide you with a framework and guiding rabbi for your Noachide activities, such as:
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