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How do we know to Fast on Yom Kippur?


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Tishrei 3, 5779
How do we know that ’v’initem’ (Vayikra 16:31) includes fasting in the context of Yom Kippur? Om which scripural evidence did the Rabbi’s conclude fasting is included in the prohebitions on Yom Kippur mentioned in this verse? And how does this usage relate to it’s root, or related one’s, in other contexts? Some food for thought regarding this root: I found something in the WTT Hebrew Text regarding Tehillim 9:19: עניּים and ענוים one from the root עניּ and one from the root ענו In both cases these words are often used in reference to one being ’afflicted, poor, humble, meek’ Found this on the website The common word for a poor person is עני, and the etymology is clear: it derives from the root ענה meaning "to humble, oppress, afflict" and is related to such words as anav ענו - "humble", taanit תענית - "fasting" and inui עינוי - "torture" Please help me lay these final links between the fast we keep and the commandment given to us by HaShem.
You don’t have to work so hard, for it’s actually explicit in the Tanach, see Yishayahu 58, verses 3, 5 and 10, where “inuy” is unambiguously fasting from food. In addition, the word ta’anit, fasting is directly from the root inuy. That being said, the real reason we know these things is simply from the Oral Tradition that accompanies and explains the Written Torah.
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