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Where to place a mezuzah on French window style, patio doors

Rabbi Yoel LiebermanElul 17, 5778
Where do I place my mezuzah on the double doors leading to the back garden? The right hand door opens outward, so as I enter the house, I would be blocked from kissing the mezuzah. (My garden has a gate without a lintel, connecting to the street). Many thanks and blessings
ב"ה Shalom From what you described since the gate going out from the garden is without a lintel and therefore exempt from a mezuza, based upon Chovat Hadar, it would seem the Mezuza should be placed to the right when you exit from your house to the garden. The mezuza should be placed where it can be seen. (Chovat Hadar 9:5) If I have not understood your description, it is best to consult your local Rabbi who can actually see your door or be provided with pictures. All the best
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