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Finance and Halacha


Rabbi Moshe Leib Halberstadt

Elul 23, 5771
I wrote abook that is now available in a printed form at Amazon. You can have a look at my website I will receive royalties from them for each book that is ordered. How do I divide this amount between myself, the author and my editor. thank you Some info- the editor decided to write the book when we were learning this material as a weekly class and she was so enthralled with the information, that we just never spoke about it I am the writer and she edited - prepared - it for printing
You are the author of the book, so apparently the ownership of the book is yours. Logic says your friend the editor was not working for free, so you need to pay her as is accepted in the market for such work. If you agree to divide the profits between the two of you instead of paying her the amount for this work, that is also fine. The most important thing is to reach a clear agreement which would satisfy both parties.
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