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Bible directives for world economy


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Av 16, 5771
Do you have an alternative that would resolve the World’s economic problem?
Shalom Carl, In the short scope of a concise answer, I can give you just the general directives of the Jewish Torah, and that is that G-d created and sustains enough food and money to go around for everyone. The problem is that some (individuals and countries) horde too much for themselves, without worrying about taking care of others, who have too little. Were we to succeed in educating man to care for each other, to be altruistic and not selfish, to divide the wealth fairly, there would be a lot less jealousy, war, hunger, and obesity, and a lot more love, peace and helpfullness. The great medieval Jewish philosopher Maimonides writes that almost all of the evil in the world is not from natural calamity but what man causes to himself and to others (Guide For the Perplexed III, ch. 12), by over-eating, over-sleeping, over-indulging, and generally by being selfish rather than altruistic. Hopefully, the modern globalization will enable the light and morality which Judaism brought to the world through monotheism; to universally share, learn from and help each other both in our physical (economic) and moral needs, for as we see, the two go together! Like when there was a Tzunami in Asia, Israel was the first nation that set up the largest medical tent, and when we had a large fire near Haifa, some other countries helped us out by sending fire-fighting helicopters and super-tankers. Not only does the Bible promise that morality will bring economic prosperity, but as above, it’s very logical. When the world will be more caring and considerate, and will really work together for the common good, our economy will gain, as well. Boycotts, anti-Semitism, hate, and terrorism are the last thing the world needs now! Sincerely, Rabbi Ari Shvat
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