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kosher food in Siena, Italy


Various Rabbis

Av 14, 5771
I will be in Siena, Italy at the beginning of September for 4 days this year. In my room there will be a microwave oven and gas ring, both of which I can kasher. As far as I can ascertain, there are no kosher shops in Siena. I will take with me cans of tuna and sardines, disposable, plates and cutlery and knives to peel vegetables and a small saucepan. In England I drink the local milk, mai I drink the milk in Italy? Which, if any foods e.g. yoghourt, bread, canned vegetables may I eat? Many thanks, Bivracha.
Shalom With regards to bread- In places where there is no bread made by a Jew, it is permissible to eat bread of a non-Jew.(the problem of eating bread of a non Jew is a decree of the Rabbis in the hope of preventing assimilation and intermarriage. However because this decree did not spread throughout the Jewish world there are leniences in times of need). However this is on condition that the bread itself is made of kosher ingredients. Nowadays it is rare to find bread which is made only of flour and water. Oils and other fats are very common and would require a hechsher from the local Orthodox Rabbinic Council. Milk, whilst there exsts a Rabbinc decree against the milk of non Jews, today, based on later poskim, many people are lenient. One should however consult with the local Rabbi or Orthodox kashrut organization prior to the trip to ascertain if there are any problems with the local milk, and also to find a list of kosher products. Yoghurt or other proccessed foods without a hechsher or Rabbinic approval would not be allowed. Nesia Tova Rabbi Baruch Kitay
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