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misheberach for kohen or levi who is sick

When making a misheberach for cholim, what is the correct way to say the person’s name if they are a Levi or Kohen. The person’s name is Reuven and he is a Levi. His mother’s name is Sheina and she is a bat Yisrael. So do we say "Reuven HaLevi ben Sheinah" or "Reuven ben Sheinah HaLevi" or just "Reuven ben Sheinah"? Thanks,
Shalom, When praying for a sick Cohen or Levi, one does not mention their "yichus" (lineage), but only thier name and the name of their mother - e.g. "Reuven ben Sheinah". The title of "Cohen" or "Levi" are used when calling people up to the Torah. Blessings.
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