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Until what age can a man see his daughter naked

Until what age can a man see his daughter naked, in regards to giving her a bath (or shower) or getting her dressed?
Sorry for the delay. This is a fundamental question for every father of young children and your consciousness of the issues of Tzniut is praiseworthy. According to the Mishna Brura (ביאור הלכה סי' עה ד"ה טפח מגולה) the age that the girl's body should be covered is 3. However, according to the Chazon Ish (חזון איש או"ח ט"ז ס"ק ח') there is no defined age but it is dependent upon physical development. As long as there is no physical attraction then she is not under the above requirement. Some Talmidei chachamim say that this age would be 6-7 .
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