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buying school supplies during the nine days


Rabbi David Sperling

Av 1, 5771
Dear Rabbi, I wanted to know if it ok to purchae scool supplies during the nine days? Thank you
Shalom, The law forbidding purchases during the nine days applies to purchases that bring much happiness - such as fine jewelry. My children tell me that no matter how nice their new school supplies are, for some inherent reason, they do not bring them any great happiness or joy. (This may reflect somewhat on the educational systems in use over the last hundred years or so!). That being so - one may buy all school supplies during the nine days (even if you or your children do find the purchases pleasurable, since they are not special enough to be considered as forbidden). The only exceptions are buying school uniforms (or other clothing needs) which should, if at all possible, be delayed until after the 9th of Av. Also one should not shop on the 9th of Av itself at all, except for immediate needs of the day, so as not to remove one's thoughts from the destruction of the Temple, which should of course be one's focus. Blessings
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